Stained Glass Windows

The original church edifice at the corner of 12th Street and Austin Avenue was built from 1901 to 1902 and was designed by William A. Cann of St. Louis. He used the same architectural plans for Grace Methodist Church of Dallas and First Presbyterian Church of Gainesville, Texas. The stained glass windows for Austin Avenue Church and Grace Church were made by the Kansas City Stained Glass Works.

A 1903 check made payable to the Kansas City Stained Glass Works “in full payment of contract” is preserved in the Austin Avenue church archives.

These two windows were a part of the original 1902 windows and were probably located in the church tower. These windows are presently owned by Mr. Greg Bashara and Mr. Gary Bashara, both of Waco, and appreciation is expressed for the photographs of these original windows.


The photographs above are of the three large windows in Grace Methodist Church of Dallas. These windows are very similar or identical to Austin Avenue’s original windows. Appreciation is expressed to Rev. Charles Cox, former pastor of Grace Church, for the photographs of these majestic windows.

In 1925, the original church building, including the Kansas City Stained Glass Works windows, was sold to Trinity Presbyterian Church. The new church edifice at 13th Street and Austin Avenue was designed by Reuben Harrison Hunt who had offices in Dallas and Chattanooga. The windows for the new church building were made by the Jacoby Art Glass Company of St. Louis.

The Austin Avenue facade window was given “in the memory of our boys of McLennan County who gave their lives in the World War 1917-1918 by the Ethel Jackson class”.

The tower window in the 13th Street foyer given in memory of Maydelle Connor Wilson by the James R. Wilson family.

In 1954, a tragic fire destroyed the sanctuary and its windows. Of all of the stained glass, only the Jacoby windows in the church tower survived.

After the fire, Walter Cocke, Jr. was selected as the architect for the restoration of the sanctuary and the construction of the educational building along Franklin Avenue. The Kebrle Stained Glass Studio of Dallas was commissioned to create the current church windows. Dr. G. Alfred Brown, who was the senior pastor at the time of the fire, selected the theme for the new windows.

Photograph taken by Tommie Suits
Appreciation is expressed to John Hatchel for the photographs of these Kebrle stained glass windows and to Karen Fleuriet for this information.

The stained glass windows were dedicated to the glory of God on Sunday, March 5, 1961.

Icon Windows

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THE HAND OF GOD<br />In loving memory of our parents Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Alexander, Sr. by Allan, Evelyn, Bernice, Rufus, Virginia THE LAMB OF GOD<br />Mrs. J.G. Stovall Honoring her Children and Grandchildren J.D., Ruth and Juanita James, Carlton, Denny, Judy and Jane THE DESCENDING DOVE<br />In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Cheshire L.J. Cheshire and Rev. H.D. Marlin By Members of Family THE WINGED MAN<br />In Honor of Our Son William Leggott Marstaller by Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Marstaller THE WINGED LION<br />In Honor of Our Daughter Lynda May Marstaller by Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Marstaller THE WINGED OX<br />"Strength, Patience, Sacrifice" Honoring Mrs. J.G. Stovall By Children: J.D. Stovall, Ruth Smart, Juanita Pridgeon THE EAGLE<br />In Memory of Our Daughter Hallie Mae Holman Mr. and Mrs. Winn W. Nichols THE FLYING FISH ON A BOOK<br />In Loving Memory of Milton Miller Mount by wife Ruth, and children - Margaret, Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Long and Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Hoffman THE SAW<br />In Loving Memory of My Parents Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Black and my Husband John W. Ragsdale by Mrs. Roberta Ragsdale THE SHIP<br />In honor of our beloved grandmother, Mrs. Wm. G. "MOM" Schroeder Sammy and Kendall Gardner THE THREE SCALLOP SHELLS<br />"Unto Thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul" Myme and Clyde McCartney Gladys and Walter Weiss, Lucille Graham THE THREE MONEY BAGS<br />Kay Easley Contributed by Mr. and Mrs. Carl McIntosh THE CROSS WITH A CARPENTER'S SQUARE<br />In Loving Memory of Our Mother Mrs. R.A. McGrady Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Torrance and Family THE FLAYING KNIFE<br />In Honor of Our Children Helon and Donna Torrance Lee Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Torrance THE CROSSED FISH<br />In Honor of My Parents Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Marstaller by R.L. Marstaller THE SERPENT IN A CHALICE<br />Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Martin in memory of our parents Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Martin and Mr. W.R. Evans and honoring Mrs. W.R. Evans THE VERTICAL SPEAR BEHIND A CARPENTER'S SQUARE<br />In Honor of Our Parents Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Finger By Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Finger THE CROSSED KEYS<br />In Appreciation of Our Parents Beatrice and John K. Ekiss and Margaret and Robert L. Meeks Mr. and Mrs. G.E. Meeks THE GOSPEL AND A DOUBLE-BLADED AXE<br />In Honor of  Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Rowland THE CROSSED SWORDS<br />In Honor of Our Parents Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Owen By Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Owen THE BIBLE WITH A FLOWER<br />In Loving Memory of Our Sister and Father Willie Estelle Smedley and Charles S. Smedley Mary and Clarence Huckabee THE BUTTERFLY<br />Honoring Our Faithful Friends Mr. and Mrs. Perry A. Duncan Mary and Clarence Huckabee THE CANDLE<br />In Memory of Henry Stewart McCartney By His Aunt Nellie B. McCartney THE CROSS AND THE CROWN<br />Dr. and Mrs. J.T. Shytles Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Shores In Loving Memory Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Shytles


Gallery Windows

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THE NATIVITY OF JESUS<br />Honoring Mr. and Mrs. James Harry Scruggs Dr. James H. Scruggs Jr. and Family THE FLIGHT TO EGYPT<br />In Loving Memory of Franklin Alfred Waldrop Contributed by Wife THE BOY JESUS IN THE TEMPLE<br />In Loving Memory of J.C. Kelly Contributed by Wife THE BAPTISM OF CHRIST<br />I am the Light of the World; he who follows Me will not walk in darkness. (John 8) Mrs. George Robert Strange THE TEMPTATION OF CHRIST<br />In Loving Memory of  Walter L. Reese Sr. and Walter L. Reese Jr. By Mrs. Walter L. Reese Sr. THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT<br />In Honor of a Good Man Rev. Thos. H. Yarbrough Contributed by His Family THE FEEDING OF THE MULTITUDE<br />Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Winchell In Loving Memory Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Oates THE MARRIAGE AT CANA<br />In Loving Memory of Thomas H. Jackson Church Secy-Treas. 1914 to 1944 T.H. Jackson and Family THE GOOD SHEPHERD<br />Memorial to Rev. Ben Crow Dedicated to Mrs. Ben Crow By The Crow Children THE BLESSING OF THE CHILDREN<br />"For Such Is The Kingdom of Heaven" To Honor The Parmer and Trice Families 1955 CHRIST WALKING ON THE WATER<br />In Loving Memory Of One Of Rare Dedication First Lt. Bradford G. Webster, Jr. - Inspiring Christian Radiance In All CHRIST AND THE FISHERMEN<br />In Appreciation of Dr. and Mrs. E.A. Milam Sponsored by Woman's Society of Christian Service CHRIST THE CONSOLER<br />Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Jones In Appreciation of Our Parents Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Jones Mr. W.G. Garner - Mr. and Mrs. J.P. McCanlies CHRIST KNOCKING AT THE DOOR<br />Behold, I stand at the door and knock. Rev. 3:20 Honoring Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Leggott, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Marstaller Lynda and Bill THE TRIUMPHAL ENTRY<br />Honoring Mrs. Russell D. Brooks In Loving Appreciation The Older Youth MYF THE LAST SUPPER<br />In Loving Memory of Dr. Howard R. Dudgeon Born 1873 - Died 1953 CHRIST IN GETHSEMANE<br />In Loving Memory of My Mother Mrs. Mildred Hunt Burnice P. Geisler, Daughter CHRIST BEFORE PILATE<br />In Loving Memory of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Royalty By Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Edwards and George R. Edwards CHRIST ASCENDING CALVARY<br />Given in Honor of Dr. Gaston Hartfield By His Daughter Mrs. Margaret Ellen Smith THE CRUCIFIXION<br />Dedicated By Mrs. Floyd Casey In Loving Memory of Her Father and Mother Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Ferguson THE RESURRECTION<br />In Loving Memory of Thomas Anderson Armstrong By Wife Caroline M. and Children Robert D., Elizabeth, Thomas A. THE ROAD TO EMMAUS<br />Mr. and Mrs. David E. Wood In Appreciation of Their Parents Dr. and Mrs. W.A. Wood Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Swayze THE ASCENSION<br />Unless the Lord builds the house  those who build it labor in vain. 127th Psalm Mr. and Mrs. William L. Dugger COME UNTO ME<br />In Loving Memory of George Hammond Zimmerman Born 1888 - Died 1952 Mrs. Anna Leigh Zimmerman


Facade Windows

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YOUNG WOMAN KNEELING IN PRAYER<br />Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Nelson Honoring their children - Nancy and Thomas and grandchildren - Betsey, Jane, David, Thomas-Gail, Tom, Jr. THE CROSS<br />North Nave Window  Stained Glass Cross In Loving Memory of  Wm. Pendleton Pipkin 1868-1935 and Irene Boulter Pipkin 1871-1953 By Their Daughter Mrs. Pauline Pipkin Garrett YOUNG MAN KNEELING IN PRAYER<br />Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Connally Honoring Their Children and Grandchildren